Whether you are an individual looking to dive into this new paradigm, a company looking develop your in-house IT team with a solid foundations in blockchain and other decentralized technologies, or need guidance for your overall organization with ideating on applicable use cases… we are here to help.

Also, note that any of the courses and workshops we offer can be adapted to your needs in terms of duration and content.


Bitcoin: A simple digital currency, or revolution on a global scale?

Created in 2009, this currency, described as virtual by some but considered as digital gold by others, is being traded peer-to-peer on the Internet outside traditional banking networks.

What are the specific properties of this digital object? What are the monetary characteristics of this digital token issued without any central authority, bank or state?

During this course, we go through the history of Bitcoin, the reasons for its birth and the challenges of this new paradigm. Then, through concrete examples and facts, we grasp its complexity in clear and accessible terms to familiarize us with this new and promising currency.

Duration: half a day
Price: CHF 300.00 / pers.

Understanding how blockchains and smart contracts work.

Beyond the buzzword, behind the word “blockchain” lie techniques and technologies that will profoundly change many sectors of activity over the coming decades.

The industrial, financial and commercial sectors are not, however, the only ones concerned. At the individual level, personal uses will gradually change our ways of using technologies of communication and exchange of information, values, and management of our identities.

During this course, we first examine the very principles that make this technology a game changer, then we go into more detail, without technical jargon of programmer, and sketch a panorama of the possibilities offered by smart contracts and their operation.

Duration: half a day
Price: CHF 300.00 / pers.

The Token Economy.

Tokens are at the heart of a new digital economy that opens thanks to the blockchain. They enable decentralized applications to run and enable new strategies, new business models, and better distributed value sharing. Hence, the emergence of the Token Economy.

How will the transfer of a good in a digital token multiply its properties and advantages? What will be the applications of tomorrow that will radically change the way we manage and trade our assets?

This course provides an overview of the many opportunities opening up to the society through tokens and provides us with the keys to navigating this revolutionary ecosystem.

Duration: half a day
Price: CHF 300.00 / pers.

Secure your data and your identity.

In less than two decades, we have moved into a hyper-connected world. Without the general public being aware of this, this extremely rapid evolution of our civilization has been accompanied by numerous abuses, often harmful, sometimes very dangerous and having consequences on humanity as a whole.

After having reviewed and analyzed some examples of these excesses, while eliminating at the outset the most far-fetched conspiracy theories, we tackle together how to protect oneself at both the private and the professional levels.

Duration: half a day
Price: CHF 300.00 / pers.


Blockchain: from understanding to use.

This workshop will aim, after having returned to the principles of operation and having well integrated the various actors and variants of systems, to go to the practice with the help of concrete examples.

Starting with the creation of your first wallet, learn how to secure your assets and information offline, understand the transmission of transactions (including without an Internet connection), then go beyond the simple exchange of cryptocurrency and discover many more use cases.

Duration: one full day
Price: CHF 590.00 / pers.

Integrate blockchain into your business.

Blockchain gives you the opportunity to rethink your business and its organization. It offers opportunities to introduce new, reliable and secure processes, reduce costs, and even acquire new markets through new services.

During this workshop, we detail the fundamentals of blockchain technology to assist you in the identification of use cases for your company, while taking into account the economic, technical, legal and social aspects surrounding your activities.

Prior to the training, a preliminary audit of your company, its organization and  market you are evolving into, is done to best meet your needs during the workshop.

Duration: pre-audit + one full day
Price: upon request

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