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We provide consulting services to leading organizations and established blockchain projects. Services range from technical Proof of Concepts to advisory and consultation. We work closely with clients who are seeking to better understand and implement blockchain-based solutions, and provide them with a full suite of resources, education, and access to our qualified consultants and developers.

Technology is about doing more with less. And blockchain is just that… while taking efficiency, reliability and security to a whole new level.

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Advisory & Consulting

We work closely with our client to first understand what their business objectives and core project drivers are. Based on this level of understanding, we then develop a framework that identifies a clear roadmap to maximize the benefits of any contemplated blockchain solution.

Product Development

Our experienced developers create blockchain-based applications and products for a variety of needs, leveraging the inherent benefits of blockchain technologies to address key areas of opportunity for your organization:
Transparency - Trust - Data availability, integrity & sharing - Security - Efficiency - Costs reduction

Education & Workshop

Whether you are an individual looking to dive into this new paradigm, a company looking develop your in-house IT team with a solid foundations in blockchain and other decentralized technologies, or need guidance for your overall organization with ideating on applicable use cases… we are here to help.

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June 26, 2019 in Workshop


"La blockchain pourrait être utilisée par au moins 50% de toutes les entreprises dans les 3 années à venir." - Forbes CIO Summit 2019   Intégrer la blockchain à son…
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March 12, 2019 in Food for thought, Technology


Que signifie ce terme exactement ? La décentralisation. Ce mot est utilisé de plus en plus souvent et est celui qui nous vient à l’esprit lorsque que l’on évoque la…
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January 15, 2019 in Technology

Doit-on se préoccuper du hard fork Constantinople d’Ethereum ?

Qu’est-ce que le hard fork Constantinople de l’Ethereum ? En tant que détenteur d’Ether, dois-je m’en préoccuper ? Le réseau Ethereum fera l'objet d'une mise à jour programmée au bloc…
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